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....a cry for help to aid my current dilemna

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Hello readers. Not just a normal blog entry today, I'm hoping for some opinions on what you would do in my current predicament. I'm guessing that I'm not the first person to have hit this unfortunate scenario and it would be nice to hear what you think, so here goes. Answers in an email or make a comment, go on I dare you.

The Situation:

So I injured my right shoulder snowboarding in Canada and just received the results of the MRI scan and arthogram yesterday. It's not good news. The diagnosis...

a torn anterior and superioir labrum with a slight deformity of the anterior inferior margin of the glenoid consistent with a bony Bankart lesion.

In plain english I've torn the tendon that holds my arm in it's socket from the front round to the underside. (The back is intact and the mobility tendons are all good which is good news.)

To fix it requires anthroscopic surgery so the debate is where/when to have it done.

The Options:

1) Stay in New Zealand for the operation.

This involves around a 6 week wait for the operation, then 1 night in hospital, 10 days with no arm mobility afterwards then 3 months physio till it's fully recovered.

2) Fly home and get treated in the UK, then resume travels when I'm fixed up (all courtesy of the insurance company)

3) Ignore it and cary on travels (Indonesia in only 7 days time) and get it fixed later when I get back. That means an NHS waiting list, and no snowboarding this coming winter :o(

4) others??

The Timescales

48 hours to decide. Nothing like a bit of pressure eh!?

So what's it to be???? I look forward to hearing from youwith the rediculousor serious, all appreciated.

./l&p from a lost and troubled phileas

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