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all seasons in one day -50 °C

The Battle for Hoth aka Feuz Bowl

Feuz (pronounced ‘Feutz’) Bowl was today discovered by The Empire as the secret location of the Rebel Snowboard base. The battle commenced with Darth Vader launching a spearhead attack on the Powder Generator with a deadly concoction of At-At and Scout Walkers. The out-gunned and out-manned Rebels bravely fought on and contrary to the popular fictional account, the Rebels repelled the onslaught spirited on by Mike Skywalker, notably dropping an At-At with a fearless lip slide to nose blunt, jibbing the balance regulator and causing it to stumble to the ground. Wedge Antilles AKA me received a court marshal for hiding in a snow pit for the duration of the battle - confrontation was never my strong point. The powder dream in Feuz Bowl lives on.

(Thanks Red 5 AKA Chris Bullas for the pics!)


PowderTrip passes First Aid Course

To ready us all for injuring the paying customers that await in our snowboard instructor careers, we thought it a good idea to gain a First Aid qualification to cover liability - all passed with flying colours. The course covered the basics from CPR to how to safely pack a body in a back-board for rescue off the hill minimising C-Spine injury risk.


Hidden benefits of the course included a horror film of horrific mountain-related injuries including two climbers falling 80ft + onto rocks breaking just about every bone in their body, resembling a piece of jelly rolling down a hill, and a de-scalped skier who misjudged the gap underneath a branch whilst wearing no helmet. Sanctuary from Tom’s relentless onslaught of random and illogical facts was found when we discovered once a ’victim’ is strapped into a back-board that it’s impossible to escape unassisted.


Bonified Snowboard Instructor I am

Contrary to national security and public concerns, KHMR released the PowderTrip collective onto the public with some volunteer snowboard lessons. Donning the delightful snow school uniform which I can only assume is constructed of plywood and air-sealed for maximum sweat retention, I conducted a series of lessons. All went very well apart from one when I discovered that the student had been riding backwards for the entirety of the lesson, nonetheless perfecting switch linked turns is a great achievement. Joking aside, it was a very proud moment to don the uniform and great to put our training into practice. Pictured is myself and Olly, who will be returning to The Shire (LOTR) soon.


Dave Smith found guilty of Contravention of Coyote Rights Law

Following the recent disgrace of key US Military Officers violating Human Rights laws through the mistreatment of prisoners in Iraq, it seems that such behaviour is not limited to the Middle East and the mistreatment of humans. GI Dave Smith has been charged with gross misconduct after interfering with and being pictured with a coyote carcass on Upper Donald Road, Golden. The exact whereabouts of the coyotes missing lower jaw and eyeballs have not been established, although identical items have been seen for sale on eBay. Coyote officials have refused to release a formal statement, commenting that if Dave had not already escaped to Mexico he would be their next meal.

dave_dead_coyote deer.JPG

Curling Fever Hits Golden

With the arrival of the Winter Olympics 2006 in Turin, curling fever has swept across Canada and PowderTrip have been caught up in the whirlwind of events. Introductions to the game began with on open-session on a Monday night with teams from Australia, UK, Japan, Canada & Uzbekhistan representing. The Golden Star were there to capture the moment.


Following this opening extravaganza, the zen factor kicked in and the UK team took it to the next level with Mike and Olly assuming captaincy roles and some stunning stone placement from myself and Matt as key openers. Joking aside, this game is beyond awesome - give it a try. Watch this space for the ’curling cam’ video once I get around posting it.

Golden Skatepark Opens

The snow is finally melting around Golden town, liberating the newly built Golden skate park from it’s icy prison. The kids were out in force on the opening day throwing some gnarly tricks. Posing as a tree, I managed to sneak into this secret world and grab some shots of the local talent doing their stuff.

Golden Ska..k (111).JPG

A special treat for all, local heroes Jeremy and Ryan arrived to build an impromptu snowboard jib rail using snow scraped from the local ice rink, a series of crates for the launch pad and a bike lock-up thing for the slider. A great session ensued with a gnarly mix of BS & FS board slides, lip slides, disasters and thankfully no face plants. I was too scared to hit it - the thought of landing face first on a grit encrusted icy car park was too much to bear.

Golden Skatepark (61).JPG

Towards the end of the session, I was exposed as a fraud when a dog peed on my lower branches forcing me to remove my disguise. To avoid certain death, I grabbed the nearest skateboard and showed the youth I can skate a bit only to find I can’t at all proven with a shove-it to shin breaker and a tic-tack to face plant. Tail between my legs I retreated home.

Octomus Prime Lives on!

Contrary to popular belief, Octomus Prime was not killed by the Decepticons and is alive and well living in Golden. He now likes to spend his days posing at the base of KHMR for tourists and the like. He commented ‘I was fed up of being a robot in disguise and wanted to show the world the real me instead of hiding behind the façade that I am a truck. Besides, I doubted that we were fooling anybody as I was the same size as a tape recorder, hand gun and aircraft carrier.’


Bear Found in Tree

An ancient Native American legend was proven true today when the spirit of the Great Grizzly Bear of Golden was found alive and well embedded in a tree, much like Han Solo imprisoned in carbonite, witnessed whilst hiking en route to Cedar Lake on the Moonshine Trails.


BBQ @ The Cabin, Upper Donald Road

In celebration of passing our level one exams (old news I know), Dave, Megz and I hosted a BBQ at our mountain retreat. A great time was had by all as we braved the -14 degree conditions, kept alive only by a monstrous fire built by Kurt and a continual supply of mulled wine. My infamous homemade burgers made with buckets of balsamic vinegar and a surprise cube of mozzarella within were devoured with great haste. Our inexperience in hosting a bbq in such conditions was revealed when the humongous bowl of salad we lovingly prepared froze solid - my advice is not to bother with such additions and stick to the meat, but be quick about that too. Honorary guests at the bbq besides the usual rabble were Lindsey and Marie who turned out to be the hit of the night, with Marie recounting numerous tales of meeting the rich and famous who all commented on what a nice person she was, including none other than Bob Marley. It could have been the truth, either that or the wine or other stimulants doing the talking, or the mere power of suggestion of her wearing a sweater with the man himself emblazoned on it, we’ll never know. Nonetheless an entertaining evening had by all.

phil marie1.JPG

The Stuff I Forgot to Mention....

Ask me about these when I get back...

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  • Wet T-Shirt Contest
  • Free Keg Night @ Taps
  • Silly Powder Day
  • Ice Man
  • What is said in the Gondola stays in the Gondola

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