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UK Rave Crew Altern8 found in Golden

snow -9 °C

Wassup ravin' massive!

Ever wonder where the highly succesful rave outfit 'Altern8' from the pott(er)y city of Stoke went to? I know you have, and many a sleepless night no doubt. Well, I can set your mind at ease - they are safe and sound a living it large in Golden, BC.

One night at the cabin whilst smoking on our porch, I heard a rustling in the bushes - perhaps a cougar? a bear awoken early from it's sleep? a deer? a lost drunken English tourist?

Alas no, but hark what could this be? Much to my suprise, the figure that emerged was a sprightly young man wearing a white boiler suit and carrying what could only be described as an industrial sized hooka pipe (bong).


"Happy days" the massives cried.

Little did we know that the man behind the mask was none other than Mark Archer, producer for 90's Rave Crew 'Altern8'. Following closely behind, was his trusty compadre Chris Peat, although it seems the years of livin it large have taken it's toll on Chris, as has metamorphised into a woman.

Seconds later, up pulled a massive 40K sound rig on wheels, manned by a team of highly intellectual and musically adept mountain goats, fitted out with lazers, disco balls and a water bottle dispenser. The night went on till dawn with Altern8 blasting out some rude-as badass sounds and a particulary unique tech-break set for Billy Goat Gruff who used an interestingly blend of bleets and beeps. A jolly good mashup was had by all. (For the record, mountain goats enjoy a blend of hip-hop style drum and bass and breakbeat sounds - a trip to Brighton, UK is planned soon.)

Here's a pic of Bridget and Chris (who now prefers the name Garcy) feeling that loved-up vibe.

bridge garcy.JPG

Will update you all again should Rave at Da Cabin II happen again. Peace out ravin' massive, and 'ave it large init!

This story is a total fabrication. The events portrayed in this dialogue have no bearing on reality, nor do the opinions or subject matter reflect that of the author. Any characters portrayed or misrepresented is intended to be a jest, and has no place in a court of law or such like you anal, blame culture, money grabbing vulture. By reading this you have agreed to be my slave. Thanks for listening.

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